How to find VW Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to Unlock Radio Code

VW Vehicle Identification Number

What is VIN?

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a code for identifying a specific automobile company.

What VIN Serves?

There is only one unique VIN number for one vehicle. You do not have one VIN number for two vehicles, and it serves as a car’s fingerprint.

VIN numbers are created by using 17 different numbers and alphabets, and they work as the unique identifier for your car or vehicle.

The VIN number helps you to know the features of your car, all the specifications, and who is the manufacturer of your vehicle.

In addition, the VIN number helps to understand registrations, warranty claims, thefts, and insurance coverage as well.

Explanation and breakdown of 17 Digits of VIN number

  • The first character of VIN Number shows where the carrier is built
  • The second & third character is for Manufacturers details & to identify the flexible-fuel vehicle
  • Four to the eighth character shows vehicle brand, Engine type, and size
  • The ninth character shows a security code to identify the VIN number as being authorized by the manufacturer
  • The tenth character show the model year of the car
  • The eleventh character indicates which plant assembled the vehicle
  • The last six characters are used to identify the serial number of the vehicle

Where Can I Find the VIN?

In the car, you can find the VIN number by checking the dashboard next to the driver.

You can find the VIN number on the two places mentioned below

  • Insurance Card or Policy
  • Vehicle registration

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