Volkswagen radio safe mode | What Does Safe Mode Mean?

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In 2022, All the Volkswagen Vehicle radios are provided with an Anti-theft feature that displays “Safe Code.” Same as another automotive security system.

The drawback is that it can be activated accidentally. But don’t worries it’s very easy to unlock the VW radio that’s reading “safe code.”

What is the Safe Code Security Feature?

The “safe code” feature stops thieves from stealing Radios out of the Volkswagen models by locking the car radios.

Once the security feature is activated, the car radio will turn on and be shown on display “safe mode.” You have to enter the correct code to come out of safe mode.

Without correct code, you cannot tune the radio station, connect an MP3 or play a CD.

As I said, the security feature is activated accidentally means that if a robber wants to steal the radio from the car, he needs to disconnect the radio from the car battery. Suppose it is done, the radio losses the power and goes into safe mode.

The same problem kicks in when your car battery is dead or replaced. Because car radio doesn’t know it’s a car battery dead or replacement issue.

How to Enter Your Radios Safe Code?

Now, all the Volkswagen car radios can read “Safe Code,” and you cannot use it until you enter the correct, safe code.

Basically, the safe code is a 4-digit number, which you need to unlock the VW car radio.

You can find your Volkswagen car radio safe code in few places like the original paper of the car, car registration copy, or in the VW car radio manual.

If you misplaced your documents or didn’t find where you kept them, then try to check on the spare tire. Still, you don’t see the code; please read this article – how to find VIN Number to Unlock radio code.

If you don’t find the car radio code, then you have to reach the dealer where you bought your car. Volkswagen dealer can help you with the code by looking Car’s VIN or Pulling out the car radio and checking the serial number.

If your car dealer is far from your place, you must read this article to solve your Volkswagen radio problem instantly

Once you have the radio code, it’s very easy to enter; you just enter the code and unlock the car radio.

To know how to enter the car radio code, please read this article – Click Here!

If you see “2 Safe Code,” you have entered the wrong safe code twice; you need to wait for an hour to enter the correct code again.

If you do not want to wait, then read this article to know how to reset car radio code without code.

Get Your Volkswagen Car Radio Safe Code Instantly

If your Volkswagen Car radio is displaying “safe code,” and you don’t know the code, Reach out to for an instant solution for your car. (Passat, Jetta, Golf or Arteon)

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