How to Find VW Serial Number to Unlock The Car Radio Code?

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When you purchase a brand-new car, you only go for a design, look, mileage, and features; we don’t emphasize the Serial Number (VIN Number).

But when we purchase a second-hand car from any dealer or an online car sell-buy platform, then VIN Number is a significant factor. If any problem occurs and requires a Car Identification number, you don’t know where and how to find your car’s serial key or VIN.

This guide helps you to find the VW or any other card serial number instantly. Before we go ahead, let’s know what a car identification number or VIN Number is.

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What is a Car Identification Number or Car Serial Number?

A Car identification Serial number or VIN consists of 17 characters that are unique to the vehicle, like a car’s unique identity code.

Combination of 17 Character For VIN (Decode VIN Number)

  • In Serial Number first, three characters in the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is known as the world manufacturer identifier (WMI)
  • A combination of four to nine Characters of the Serial Number is used to Represent the (VDS) Vehicle Description Section (VDS)
  • The Character number 10th is used to represent the year of the manufacture of the Car.
  • The eleventh Character tells us the information about where the car was manufactured.
  • Twelve to seventeen characters are mainly reserved for Serial Number in Vehicle Identification Number.

9 Place to Find VW Serial Number to Unlock Car Radio Code

1. Certificate of Registration

When you purchase a new vehicle, that time the car dealer provides you with all the Car related documents, including a certificate of registration.

You can find the VIN or Serial Number in the Certificate of Registration.

2. Remove Car Radio

This is a time-consuming process to find the VIN or Serial Number, but you can get it backside or your car radio. For that, you have to pull out the radio from the rack and check for the VIN.

3. Car Dashboard

If you can’t find your Registration document, don’t worry; you can find the Serial or VIN Number under the dashboard, which you can check on the driver’s side, but all the car manufacturers will not provide this option.

4. Car Hood

You can discover the Car’s Vehicle Identification number under the hoot, which is located alongside the Car’s engine.

5. Car Rear Wheel

Many Vehicle Manufacturers Print the VIN or serial Number Over the rear wheel; you can instantly check and get your VIN.

6. Car Front Grille

Not in all vehicles, but a few manufacturers Printed the VIN or Serial numbers below the Car’s front grille.

7. Car Door

If you cannot find a VIN or Serial Number on the dashboard, go and check in the driver’s side door and it is easy to find.

8. Car Boot

The spare wheel of the boot is the place where you can find your VIN or the serial number of the Car.

9. Car Dealership

If you cannot find your VIN or Serial Number above given ways, then you need a visit or phone call to your Vehicle dealership from where or whom you purchased the Car. They will help you to find your VIN to solve your problem.

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